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Question: 'What type of ukulele should I buy?'

There are four sizes of ukulele. Starting with the smallest is the Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. The most commonly used size is the Soprano. It is quite small and light and ideal especially for children. Some adults struggle with holding the soprano ukulele comfortably especially when playing more technically challenging chords like E or B.

This is a technique to be learned, however if you find that it is too challenging or it just doesn't feel right then try out the tenor size.

Personally this is the most comfortable for me.

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The Soprano, Concert and Tenor all have the same tuning, g-C-E-A starting with the top string. The 'small g' meaning a high tuned g note. However the Baritone is tuned differently. It has a tuning the same as the bottom four strings on a regularly tuned guitar, which is D-G-B-E.

Courses & Prices

At PCM Music & Language School we offer professional ukulele tuition in Hiroshima and Okayama for all ages and all levels.

Are you interested in ukulele lessons in Hiroshima? or maybe you want to start ukulele lessons in Okayama?


As the ukulele is growing in popularity more and more students are reserving lessons, and one of the most popular classes is the 'parent and child class'. In this class you and your child/children can not only learn how to play the ukulele and learn and practice new English, but most importantly you can learn together!

We have found that the dynamics of this class support the development of the parent and child bond. Often the child will look to their parent, as well as the teacher, for support and confirmation that they are playing correctly. For our teachers these lessons are very enjoyable and heart warming to see both the parent and child develop and grow together.

We also offer regular kids ukulele lessons as well as adult ukulele lessons, all optionally taught in English but with Japanese support as needed. These ukulele lessons in Hiroshima and Okayama are also available in group and private classes.

At PCM Music & Language School. we believe that learning and practicing the ukulele should not be a taxing experience.


We believe in the importance of learning, growing and developing while at the same time enjoying the process.


Did you ever think about performing on stage? Then why not join one of our bi-annual student parties. Learn the music and songs you like, then perform live.


The stage is yours.

Start something new today at PCM Music & Language School.

Start something new today

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