Finally we are starting to get some nice weather in Hiroshima after a cold winter. It is spring time again and we have a BIG SPRING CAMPAIGN at

If you are interested in taking Guitar Lessons in Hiroshima, Ukulele Lessons in Hiroshima or regular English Lessons in Hiroshima then why not check out the SPRING CAMPAIGN on our campaign page and arranged a FREE DEMO LESSON today.

Our students have just started practicing for our next student concert in July 2019!! Join today and in a few months maybe you could be on stage with them too.

On a separate note we are very pleased to be contacted recently from a company in Okinawa. Their website is dedicated to Music and Music Schools, so a big thanks to Hisato San for including us.

Check it out!!!

So if you are looking for high quality Ukulele, Guitar or English Lesson in Hiroshima in a relaxing and comfortable environment then drop us a line on 080 3884 3501 or mail us at

Life is good, so start something new today....

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広島 Tel: 082 - 236 - 7977

広島ウクレレ教室 / 岡山ウクレレ教室

Ukulele Lessons in Hiroshima and Okayama

広島ギター教室 / 岡山ギター教室

Guitar Lessons in Hiroshima and Okayama

岡山 Tel: 080 - 3884 - 3501

広島英会話 / 岡山英会話

English Lessons in Hiroshima and Okayama

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