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After a lot of hard work and hours of writing, designing, recording (and various others verbs) the two album launches were a SUCCESS!!! A massive thank you Anna and Sora for hosting and of course to everyone who could come and support and enjoy the evenings.

The new album titled 'Suddenly FREE' hard copy CD is now officially available for purchase through

For digital download please visit your iTunes or Amazon store and search 'Patrick Cleary', you will find all five albums now available for download.

The theme of the new CD is freedom. Freedom from so many difficult things in our lives. We never know what people are going through so don't be afraid to reach out a little further or look a little harder and maybe we can help someone change their life for the better.

Again a MASSIVE thank you to every who was apart of the project and I am looking forward to seeing yous all again for the next stage of bringing people together through music to try and make a difference!!!

Take care, Patrick

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