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'Suddenly FREE' Fifth album release - Patrick Cleary. 5枚目のアルバム 発売!

2017年8月26日、Patrickが5枚目のリリースとなるCD " Suddenly FREE "を発売します。

日本、広島で創った3枚目のものとなります。 今回のアルバムは、ギター、ウクレレ、キーボードなどでバラエティに富んだ作品となっています。

" Suddenly FREE " は、iTunes, Amazonのほか、 のオンラインストアでも



On August 26th 2017 Patrick will release his fifth original studio album. This will be the third album he has made in Hiroshima, Japan. The album has a variety of styles and instruments including acoustic guitar, ukulele and keyboards etc.

The NEW ALBUM tilted 'Suddenly FREE' will be available from iTunes, Amazon and various online stores and streaming sites, but, ALSO from's NEW ONLINE STORE!!!

CD'S and other merchandise is available for FREE SHIPPING (including INTERNATIONAL deliveries.)

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