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Guitar Classes in Hiroshima - Staying motivated!!

Hi everyone, welcome to my music homepage I have my own original music and videos and if you are interested in Guitar Lessons in Hiroshima Japan get in contact for a free demo.

I would like to talk about how to keep motivated when learning the guitar or ukulele. I started learning at the age of eleven and wasn't into sports so much so I had free time and I used it to practice the guitar, but how do you stay motivated to do something when you have a busy schedule?

Like a lot of things in life I think you can approach this in different ways. Firstly you can focus on the goal and if you have enough determination and endurance then you can do whatever it takes to reach the goal. Or, you can have a goal, then look at what you need to do in your daily life to gradually achieve this goal. Make it apart of your lifestyle, like brushing your teeth or checking emails etc. Then the goal will gradually come to you.

So how about dedicating 10 mins a day to practicing ukulele or guitar? Then, when it has become a part of your routine and you focus when practicing you will definitely see results (also having a good experienced teacher is important too :) ). Also listen to your favourite artists or guitar players for some extra motivation.

I hope you found this helpful. Don't forget to check out my youtube videos and facebook page.

Take care and good luck practicing.


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