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Welcome to my first ever blog!! As the company begins to grow I thought it would be a good idea to catalogue some big events and post some details about what's happening.

Firstly a big thanks to all my followers / supporters of my original music and to all my students new and not new :)

So just a general idea of what this site is about for anyone new. Patrick Cleary Music is a site dedicated to my own original music and my music company based in Hiroshima Japan.

In regards to my original music I am currently finishing off my 5th album!! and is due for release online and in CD form in August 2017.

My Music School's purpose

is to deliver high quality guitar / ukulele lessons to students in English. So not only do students get to learn an instrument but can also learn a language and practice the language with a native speaker and classmates.

So far I am delighted to say that the response from students and parents has been amazing!!!

Some students I teach are naturally very quiet and shy but I have recently seen that they are starting to express themselves through music!! It's amazing to see and even more fulfilling to be their teacher.

So what's in the pipeline?

As I mentioned coming up in August will be the release of my 5th original album, I have monthly FREE demo classes in Hiroshima and I will very soon be uploading my own teaching guitar video series!!! This will be great for anyone who would like to learn at home but also works as a practice aid for some of what my students learned in class.

So that's it, my first blog!! Many more to come!! If you like the homepage why not check out my F

acebook page and subscribe to my Youtube channel :)

Take care all and I will be back soon


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