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ギターとウクレレを広島で習うなら | Patrick Cleary Music

1. Backstreets & Broken Smiles

2. The Avenue

3. Life

4. Guest Of Honour

5. Puppetry

6. Justify The Means

7. My Favourite Tune

8. Sheltered Eyes

9. Something About You

10. Walk Away

(2008 - 2014)
ギターとウクレレを広島で習うなら | Patrick Cleary Music

1. Just Like Me

2. A Reason

3. I'll Believe Your Lies

4. The Fight Goes On

5. You Got It On

6. I Thought You Should Know

ギターとウクレレを広島で習うなら | Patrick Cleary Music

1. Blue Skies

2. Living Dream (feat. Madoca)

3. Old Wounds

4. What Might Become

5. Insatiable

6. Distant Love

7. Give Your Heart Again

8. New Day

9. The Fight Goes On

10. War On The Way

ギターとウクレレを広島で習うなら | Patrick Cleary Music

1. A Hero In Disguise

2. Nowhere To Run To

3. Paint By Numbers

4. Rising Of The Sun

5. Stars

6. The Orchard

7. Forever

8. Fever

9. The Way I Love You

10. Adieu


1. Diamonds

2. Itsumodemo

3. Lost In Your Eyes

4. Suddenly FREE

5. Nothing Without You

6. Time

7. Warning Sign

8. Long Way Home

9. Fire


Patrick was born in a small town called Omagh in Co.Tyrone Ireland.

He comes from a musical background as his Grandparents, parents and sisters all play music.

Patrick began playing guitar at the age of 11 and learned many techniques from his father John. His father also taught him Classical guitar and took him through to Grade Five with the London College of Music.

During his high school years Patrick began to show interest in composing songs, and at the age of eighteen his wrote his first album, 'Guest of Honour' which was released locally in 2001.

Following the success of the album Patrick appeared on many radio shows in Ireland and began to play live events.

Patrick also has a strong interest in Art and studied Graphic Design in Derry and Belfast before returning to his hometown and starting his own teaching business.

In 2006 Patrick decided to return to education and in 2009 graduated from Huddersfield University with a 2.1 BA Honors Degree in Music Technology and Popular Music.

He returned to his hometown but soon decided that he wanted to fulfill one of his dreams of visiting Japan. Patrick firstly moved to Darwin Australia then Airlie Beach Queensland where he performed live events in a regular basis and widened his horizons. He then fulfilled his dream by moving to Hiroshima Japan in January 2013.


During those few years Patrick started putting together some songs that he had been working on and released his second album 'Just Like Me' in Japan 2014.

While teaching English in Hiroshima Patrick began to build his own school and also wrote and released his third album 'What Might Become' in 2015. At this time he was also meeting local musicians and was performing live in places like 'Club Quatro' and 'Blue Live' among other local establishments in Hiroshima.

He continued to build his Music and Language School and at the same wrote and released his fourth album 'Rising of the Sun' in 2016 and then his fifth album 'Suddenly Free' in 2017.

In 2018 PCM Music and Language School was officially opened on Chuo Dori Hiroshima. Following the continuing success of the school a second branch was opened in the summer of 2020 in Okayama City.

Patrick is currently continuing to teach Music and English together and has finished his first tutor book ow available on

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