Music Theory Lessons in Hiroshima

Learn English & Music at the same time!!!

Love music? Then why not study how it works!!


This Music Theory Course teaches students the mechanics of music.


How to read notation, the meaning and importance of scales and students even have the opportunity to create their own music and write their own score!!

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At PCM Music & Language School we offer professional Music Theory Lessons in Hiroshima.

Are you interested in Music Theory lessons in Hiroshima? or Music Theory lessons in Okayama?

Music is a beautifully complex topic which can be created, sculpted and copied. But one of the most beautiful things about Music is understanding it!!

In this Music Theory Class in Hiroshima or Music Theory lessons in Okayama? we teach the fundamentals of Music.

Maybe you can drive? but have no idea how your car works? This class explains everything from basic notation to complicated relationships between chords and keys.

This class is also taught mainly in English, so you can study English at the same time.

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