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1. Diamonds

2. Itsumademo

3. Lost In Your Eyes

4. Suddenly FREE

5. Nothing Without You

6. Time

7. Warning Sign

8. Long Way Home

9. Fire

1. Backstreets & Broken Smiles

2. The Avenue

3. Life

4. Guest Of Honour

5. Puppetry

6. Justify The Means

7. My Favourite Tune

8. Sheltered Eyes

9. Something About You

10. Walk Away

1. Just Like Me

2. A Reason

3. I'll Believe Your Lies

4. The Fight Goes On

5. You Got It On

6. I Thought You Should Know

1. Blue Skies

2. Living Dream (feat. Madoca)

3. Old Wounds

4. What Might Become

5. Insatiable

6. Distant Love

7. Give Your Heart Again

8. New Day

9. The Fight Goes On (alt version)

10. War On The Way

1. A Hero In Disguise

2. Nowhere To Run To

3. Paint By Numbers

4. Rising Of The Sun

5. Stars

6. The Orchard

7. Forever

8. Fever

9. The Way I Love You

10. Adieu

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Patrick is an Irish Singer / Songwriter. He was born in Omagh, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland. He first picked up his father's guitar when he was 11 years old and knew that it was the instrument for him.


Patrick began performing at sixteen and soon after started writing his own original material. At the age of twenty he recorded his first 10 track acoustic album called 'Guest of Honour'. Following the creation of the album in 2001, Patrick went on to perform on local radio stations including Radio Ulster, Radio Foyle and Highland radio.


Whilst still writing and recording his original material Patrick began teaching guitar to children in local schools during the day and adults in local centres in the evening. At the age of 24 Patrick decided to return to Education and in 2009 obtained a BA Honors Degree in Music Technology and Popular Music with The University Of Huddersfield in England.


After returning to Omagh, Patrick decided he wanted to venture further a field and moved to Australia where he continued writing and performing his original music. In 2013 Patrick fulfilled a personal dream of moving to Japan. After arriving in Hiroshima he started playing in local venues including Molly Malones, Blue Live and Club Quatro.


He decided to put together some of his recorded tracks and created his second album 'Just Like Me' in 2014, and then wrote and released his third album  'What Might Become' in 2015.


Patrick has just realeased his fourth album of original music in July 2016. The album is called 'Rising of the Sun'. The album's theme is generally about hope and determination. The idea that if we believe and push in the right direction then we can achieve our dreams no matter how unlikely it first may seem. 


Patrick is still currently living in Hiroshima and is still writing his own material and performing with some amazingly talented local and foreign musicians.

- Guest of Honour (2001)

- Just Like Me (2014)

- What Might Become (2015)

- Rising of the Sun (2016)

- Suddenly FREE (2017)


Patrick's music is available online NOW on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music Key, and Beats Music. Details of all events and releases will be posted here at patrickclearymusic.com.



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