Japanese Lessons in Hiroshima

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

We are now offering Japanese Lessons at our School in Hiroshima.

Whether you are just on holiday and want some basic phrases, or you are a long term resident and want to push yourself to become more fluent, we can help.

Here at PCM we focus on our student's needs and wants rather than teaching with a blanket approach. If you are only interesting in improving your Japanese conversational skills then we won't be pushing Kanji on you, don't worry.

Have a short consultation with our staff and start learning today!!

No Sign Up FEE     No Contract     Just Pay as You Go.

Group     50 mins     ¥2500                 Private    50 mins    ¥4000

Students should have a basic grasp of English as English will be used as the explanatory language.

広島Tel: 082 - 236 - 7977

広島ウクレレ教室 / 岡山ウクレレ教室

広島ギター教室 /


Ukulele Lessons in

Hiroshima and Okayama

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Hiroshima and Okayama

岡山Tel: 080 - 3884 - 3501

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広島英会話 /


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Hiroshima and Okayama

広島一五一会教室 /


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Japanese Lessons in

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