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One of the first questions that new students ask is 'What type of guitar should I buy?'

It is well known in the guitarist community that 'if you can play it on an acoustic guitar, then you can play it on an electric guitar', maybe even better, faster and smoother.

Unfortunately the opposite is not usually the case. So I always recommend that students new to the guitar start of with the acoustic guitar, preferably using nylon (gut) strings. These are less painful on the student's fingers.

So in my opinion the perfect beginner guitar is the classical guitar.


Although it is called a 'Classical Guitar', we will play many different genres in our class and not just Classical music.

Of course there are many different brands and companies, non of which we are affiliated with, but one of the most well know companies is Valencia or of course Yamaha.

There are also many different sizes. The basic sizes start from 1/2, 3/4 up to 4/4 or full size.


During your FREE DEMO LESSON the teacher will recommend the right size for you.

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At PCM Music & Language School we offer professional guitar tuition in Hiroshima and guitar tuition in Okayama for all ages and all levels.

Are you interested in guitar lessons in Hiroshima or guitar tuition in Okayama? Would you like to play casually as a hobby? Then join one of our group lessons and relax with similarly minded students. Practice and learn new English while making friends in a relaxing safe environment.

Maybe you feel a little nervous to join a group class? Then try our private guitar lessons in Hiroshima or guitar lessons in Okayama and slowly build your confidence while learning guitar and English from our friendly native English speaking tutors.

At PCM Music & Language School we believe that learning and practicing the guitar should not be a chore, but rather something to be enjoyed and celebrated.


Did you ever think about performing on stage? Then why not join one of our bi-annual student parties. Learn the music and songs you like, then perform live.

The stage is yours.

Start something new today at PCM Music & Language School.

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