English Lessons in Hiroshima

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English Class

(6~13 yrs)  40 min

In this kids class we use an Oxford based text book along with homemade resources to ensure that students have a fun and educational lesson every time.


English Class

(13~18 yrs)  50 min

A great class for busy and quiet teens that

focuses on developing all 4 language skills.

Our communicative approach to teaching

really gets students talking.


English Class

50 min

Our Adult class is perfect for students who

wish to become well rounded English speakers.

We use a credible Cambridge text along with

'special conversational classes' that give

students the confidence they need to communicate smoothly in English.

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Lesson One - The alphabet

Lesson Two - Greetings

Lesson Three - Hobbies

Lesson Four - Where things are

Lesson Five - All about Music

Why choose Patrick Cleary English?

1. Experience.

At Patrick Cleary English / Music our teachers are committed to living in Japan and have at least three years experience of teaching Japanese students of all levels in a respectful and enjoyable way.

Many English Schools hire foreign teachers on a one-year contract and so teachers often 'come and go' without gaining the experience of living long term in Japan and understanding Japanese customs and etiquette.

2. Safety

At Patrick Cleary English / Music we believe that students should be able to learn in a friendly, stress free and above all SAFE environment. So all of our teachers are vetted by police and have a clean personal and work record. Relationships with students in any way other than professional are strictly prohibited.

3. Progress

Here at Patrick Cleary English / Music we strive hard to make sure that our students are not only enjoying their experience at the school but also that they are making steady progress based on their individual needs.

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