One of the most effect ways to become skilled at speaking English is have conversations with 'native English' or high level 'non-native English' speakers.

The problem that many students face, is that living abroad is not a viable option, and most students can not stay abroad for much longer than a holiday due to life and work commitments.

So finding a reliable and trustworthy English school inside Japan is extremely important for the student's development.

Not all English Schools are the same, so please be careful when choosing a school. You are trusting them with not only your education but also how you will view learning English in the future.

Here at 'PCM Music and Language School' we believe in teaching natural and useful English in a respectful manner, and always have the students best interest in mind.

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PCM Music and Language School, a school you can trust in.

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I take English lessons three times a month. I especially think that a good point is that I don't hesitate to speak broken English. My teacher compliments me on what I say first, then he corrects me clearly after.

When I take his class I feel as if I am studying abroad!!

I look forward to taking his lesson every time.

Why choose PCM?

1. Experience.

At PCM our teachers are committed to living in Japan and have at least three years experience of teaching Japanese students of all levels in a respectful and enjoyable way.

Many English Schools hire foreign teachers on a one-year contract and so teachers often 'come and go' without gaining the experience of living long term in Japan and understanding Japanese customs and etiquette.

2. Safety

At PCM we believe that students should be able to learn in a friendly, stress free and above all SAFE environment. So all of our teachers have a clean personal and work record. Relationships with students in any way other than professional are strictly prohibited.

3. Progress

Here at PCM we strive hard to make sure that our students are not only enjoying their experience at the school but also that they are making steady progress based on their individual needs.

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広島ウクレレ教室 / 岡山ウクレレ教室

Ukulele Lessons in Hiroshima and Okayama

広島ギター教室 / 岡山ギター教室

Guitar Lessons in Hiroshima and Okayama

広島英会話 / 岡山英会話

English Lessons in Hiroshima and Okayama

広島一五一会教室 /岡山一五一会教室

Ichigo Ichie Lessons in Hiroshima and Okayama

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Japanese Lessons in Hiroshima and Okayama

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