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Welcome to PCM Music & Language School.

The school was founded by Patrick Cleary in Hiroshima in 2015.


The school gives students a unique opportunity to learn Music and English at the same time from a Native English teacher.

The school also hosts many special events such as students live stage performances, coffee and conversation afternoon, game days and much more.

If you are interested in taking a FREE demo class please contact us by phone, email or even just drop in and have a chat.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


Hiroshima Shi, Naka Ku, Mikawacho 2-4, Hitsujia Building 3F

Email: info@patrickclearymusic.com

Tel: 082 - 236 - 7977

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Ukulele 53
Every class is fun and time passes quickly. I would like to be able to play songs soon but I forget to practice but I want to do my best.
I can use English and don't have to use Japanese.

Guitar 14
The teacher is kind and easy to understand so it is easy to concentrate on the lesson. It is very good.

Guitar 11
I can learn Music while speaking English, so I am happy.

Guitar 14
I can learn English with Guitar hitting two birds with one stone, but the guitar is difficult.

Guitar/ Ukulele 38
The teacher teaches me at my own pace, so I can have fun.

 Guitar 11
Although it hasn't even been a month yet, I think it is rare to learn English and Guitar, I think that I am very lucky.

At the beginning, I could not do either, but now I am enjoying it! But I can't do it perfect yet.
The guitar is a bit difficult but I would like to try hard and keep practicing..

Ukulele 49
It's hard to speak in English, but it's fun to understand somehow.
It is only the third time, so I getting used to it gradually.

Guitar 13
It is very fun to play the Guitar. Taking English lessons and playing guitar is exciting.
The teacher's lessons are very easy to understand and fun.

Ukulele 53
Because we learn songs that you know well, it is easy to start. I always have a good time coming to the lessons and I am gradually getting better, so thank you.

Ukulele 36
English is hard and I can not talk much, but it is fun every time.
I want to be able to speak English.


Ukulele 35
I am learning various ways to play. I also learning how to read the score.
I would like to try hard to make English conversation other students.


Ukulele 41
The teacher is kind and the lessons are fun.

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Email: info@patrickclearymusic.com

Tel: 082 - 236 - 7977

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